Melanie Domen was a well-intentioned mother of four who was doing her best to right all of the wrongs from her childhood by parenting her children differently.

She read every parenting book she could get her hands on. She also subscribed to three different parenting magazines (before Pinterest ever existed) cut out articles, and made her own three- ring binder notebook, divided by topics and subtopics.

She was going to win at this parenting gig and be the envy of her Moms’ Group. However, even with the binder, Melanie found that her kids still did not sleep through the night, pitched tantrums about short French fries, colored on the walls, rolled their eyes, and stayed out past curfew as teenagers. She longed for “that” parenting book that was relatable from a parent who had been home with kids all day without time to shower.

She craved “that” parenting book written by someone who tried all of the techniques the experts said would work and sometimes didn’t along with examples how they really played out with skin on and runny noses. Since she never seemed to find “that” parenting book, she wrote it.


Melanie Domen has a true passion for the development of children and has over 30 years of experience working as a parenting coach, classroom teacher, teacher at church, and in her own home raising four kids. 

She speaks to churches and parenting groups helping parents build strong relationships with their kids through establishing healthy boundaries, communication, and connection. 

Melanie resides in Frisco, TX with her husband and four kids.